The first fabric of its kind — brought to you by Vitamin A.

100% recycled fabric that removes fishing net waste from the ocean so you can dive back in looking and feeling good. Now that’s what we call circular fashion.

Cleaning Up the Sea

Deep Dive

It’s estimated that discarded fishing nets make up 46% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. In addition to polluting our oceans, ghost fishing nets put marine life at risk. So we partnered with divers to do something about it.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

We were the first swimwear brand to use recycled fabric, so we already know the benefit of reusing what we have. By retrieving and reusing these nets, we help remove waste from the ocean, protect precious marine life, and eliminate the use of raw materials — cutting water use, fossil fuels, and CO2 emissions.  

To put it in perspective, Relux emits 73.1% fewer CO2 emissions per ton compared to traditional nylon swimwear. That’s like driving from California to Maine — and back — seven times.

Looking Good Doing It

Let’s link. ReLux features brushed gold link hardware to play up your vacation accessories, or do it all for you. Plus, by wearing ReLux, you help remove waste from the oceans and support a growing global recycling industry. Look at you, making the world a better place one suit at a time.

Special thanks to our partners Hyosung, who helped us create ReLux using MIPAN® regen ocean nylon made from discarded fishing nets and 100 % recycled creora regen spandex for comfy stretch.

ReLux Collection