The world's first metallic swim made from recycled nylon. Shine on.

EcoMetallic Swimsuits

While bright and colorful swimsuits are synonymous with summer, not all colors and fabrics are created equal. At Vitamin A Swim, we prioritize your well-being by offering swimsuits that not only adorn your summer adventures but also uphold your health and the environment.

Beyond Aesthetics: Dive into a collection where every hue carries a message of responsibility. We understand that the wrong dyes, such as azobenzene disperse dyes commonly used in polyester, can be detrimental to your skin and well-being. Our commitment to your health and the environment drives us to use non-toxic dyes like soy and water-based formulas, ensuring your swimsuit experience is both beautiful and safe.

Responsible Finishes for Sustainable Summers

Choose Wisely: Avoid the allure of quick-dry finishes that often conceal hidden dangers. Some quick-dry finishes contain "forever chemicals" like PFAS, which can pose risks to both the water and your health. At Vitamin A Swim, we take pride in offering EcoMetallic Swimsuits that steer clear of such chemicals. We prioritize your safety and environmental well-being by offering swimsuits that are both stunning and responsible.

Verifiable Assurance: Rest assured that our EcoMetallic Swimsuits are crafted with the utmost care for your skin and the planet. Look for certifications from trusted labels like Oeko-Tex or Bluesign, which validate the safety of the dyes and finishes used in our swimsuits. By choosing our collection, you're not just embracing style – you're embracing a commitment to your health and the environment.

Experience EcoMetallic Elegance

A Statement of Values: Immerse yourself in the world of EcoMetallic Swimsuits and redefine your summer style with mindfulness. Each piece celebrates not only vibrant colors but also a conscious approach to fashion that values your health and the well-being of the world around you.

Celebrate Mindful Summer Swims: Explore our EcoMetallic Swimsuits collection today and experience the perfect fusion of style, safety, and sustainability. Elevate your summer with swimsuits that empower your beauty while embracing a responsible approach to fashion.