Our signature fabric that's sustainable, smooth, and silky soft. Made with REPREVE® recycled fibers for your next getaway.

Experience the Future of Swimwear with EcoLux

Unveil the unparalleled beauty of swimwear crafted from our signature Ecolux™ fabric, a masterpiece born from advanced technology and a commitment to preserving our planet. Explore swimwear that doesn't just elevate your style but also champions eco-conscious choices.

Ecolux™: Where Innovation Meets Sustainability

Immerse yourself in the world of Ecolux™, our signature fabric that redefines swimwear excellence. Created with REPREVE® recycled nylon fiber, this fabric stands as a testament to our dedication to conserving precious resources. Infused with LYCRA XTRA LIFE™, Ecolux™ boasts superior stretch and resilience against chlorine and oxidation, ensuring your swimwear remains as vibrant as your spirit.

Unleash Your Confidence:

Ecolux™ transcends traditional swimwear. It's a weightless, silken texture that transcends flaws, fitting like a second skin that empowers your confidence. Every piece crafted from Ecolux™ is an embrace of innovation and style, elevating your beach experience to new heights.

Crafting a Sustainable Legacy

Dive into our EcoLux collection and embrace swimwear that marries technology with sustainability. With Ecolux™, you're not just wearing swimwear – you're choosing a statement of elegance that reflects your commitment to a greener future.

Empower Your Style Ethically

Elevate Your Impact: Explore our EcoLux collection and become part of a movement that values both style and sustainability. Each piece is a testament to your dedication to the planet, a conscious choice to make a positive impact without compromising on elegance.