Welcome To Paradise

In celebration of Earth Day, we partnered with Playa Viva and Regenerative Resorts to take a trip to their 100% off-the-grid, solar powered boutique hotel. Lush vegetation and swaying palms frame this transformative escape by the sea. Bamboo tree houses and thatched roof villas, handcrafted from locally sourced materials, are surrounded by organic gardens, orchards and nesting turtles by the surf. Playa Viva is a Regenerative Resort in Southern Mexico redefining the “tropical getaway” through ecological conservation and local preservation.

A testament to our own belief that simple sustainability is the epitome of luxury. Rooted in wellbeing, both of the earth and guests alike, every measure has been taken to ensure each experience at the resort is sustainable and empowering. Sip something fruity and allow us to introduce you to our favorite sustainable babes and show you around this stunning resort.

Lex Weinstein
Our favorite surfer girl and self-described “earth guardian”. Lex travels the globe searching for waves, culture and like-minded creatives aiming to restore and replenish the Earth. She believes each day is an opportunity to live as our highest selves while showing the utmost gratitude to Mother Earth.
Sjana Elise
Our fitspiration, Sjana is an ocean-loving yogi from Australia. She uses yoga to feel empowered and confident in her own skin, her goal is to help others experience these same benefits. Sjana travels the world and you can follow along on Instagram where she often posts yoga workouts, daily health routines, and eco-conscious beauty tips.
Kimi Juan-Caya
Our girl-crush, born and raised in the Philippines, Kimi is a traveling photographer and beauty dedicated to conscious living. She’ll inspire you to begin cultivating a zero-waste home with helpful tips and ideas on her page.
Caitlin Turner

Our travel inspo, this beauty and yoga instructor spreads the good vibes wherever she goes. Caitlin’s goal is to promote a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle and share joy. She accomplishes this through her Instagram page where she shares inspiring words and images from around the world.


We began our mornings with open-air yoga by the sea. Setting our intentions and opening our minds for the day ahead with Radiant Spiral Retreats. Our BioRib swim tops made of plant-based material, allow for comfortable, breathable posing.



Each meal at Playa Viva is comprised of ingredients found on the Resort property, or brought in from local farmers, supporting the surrounding community. The vegan, farm-to-table menu is prepared in a kitchen where the sink water is redirected to watering the same gardens and orchards the fruits and vegetables came from, full circle right? All the tableware was crafted by local artisans, reflecting the culture of this seaside Mexican town.


The property is a farm itself, @forestfarmer_ah took us on a tour of the surrounding gardens. We were educated on permaculture farming techniques. All water from the sinks and showers on the property is used to irrigate the plant-life. Their farming techniques improve the land, water, air quality and biodiversity at Playa Viva. Our Sustainability Is Sexy tees made from organic cotton shared the eco message while straw hats gave us shade from the afternoon sun.


Turtles nest and hatch along the coast of Playa Viva. The Playa Viva Turtle Sanctuary is dedicated to the protection of turtles. Local volunteers ensure the safety of the endangered Leatherback turtles who nest here. All year long guests are invited to observe turtles as they nest or even release baby turtles safely into the sea! We were lucky enough to witness a mama turtle build her nest as the sun was setting.


Unwinding in paradise was the perfect way to engage with nature and celebrate Earth Day among others who prioritize sustainable living. We were left feeling inspired by the beauty of Playa Viva, all the more hopeful for the future of Vitamin A, and the positive impact that eco-conscious minds can have on the world surrounding them. Thank you for supporting us on this journey!

Photography by Easton Shirra