Restoring the Shore with Surfrider

Like most SoCal locals, we’re passionate about the beach. As the pioneers of sustainable swim, we’re committed to helping keep our beaches clean. 

Why? Glad you asked. 

It’s estimated that 11 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean annually (equivalent to one garbage truck load per minute). Much of it starts on land from overflowing landfills or as litter on our beaches, streets, and sidewalks that are swept into storm drains, creeks, streams, and rivers — all leading to the ocean. 

And it’s not just the average plastic grocery bag on the beach that’s an issue. Plastic is problematic throughout its entire lifecycle. From the point of raw material extraction (aka fossil fuels) to its eventual disposal (likely into the ocean), it’s toxic. Roughly two-thirds of all plastic ever produced is still sitting somewhere in the world today—either as pollution in oceans and other landscapes, as microparticles in air, soil, and rain, or as microparticles in humans and animals.

Alarming, right? 

While we can’t totally cut all plastic out of our lives forever (though we’d love to), we can make better choices as earth advocates and consumers. And the most significant impact happens when we do good together.

So, we headed to the beaches of Santa Monica with The Surfrider Foundation to spend the day cleaning the beach, sorting trash, and learning about the impacts of a throwaway society built on single-use plastics. 


Surfrider and Vitamin A Beach Clean Up

Surfrider and Vitamin A Beach Clean Up Photo
Surfrider and Vitamin Beach Clean Up
Vitamin A and Surfrider Beach Clean Up


The Surfrider Foundation’s mission is one we can fully get behind. They are dedicated to protecting and enjoying the world’s oceans, waves, and beaches, for all people. Through a powerful activist network, the foundation has been tackling plastic pollution head-on for over a decade with 2,000+ beach clean-ups to date.

Our team cleaned up 14 pounds of trash from the beach. Sure, it’s tedious to account for each piece of trash collected from the clean-up, but it’s critical in helping Surfrider leverage policy decisions that create solutions to plastic pollution. Think: switching to reusables for our everyday needs and advocating for better product alternatives, like plant-based bikinis ;) 


Surfrider and Vitamin A Beach Clean Up Photo
Surfrider and Vitamin A Beach Clean Up Action Shot
Surfrider Beach Clean Up


As proud members of 1% for the Planet, we directly support organizations like Surfrider, working on the ground to protect the environment, creating tangible change on both practical and judicial levels.

If you’re looking to get involved, or join us in supporting The Surfrider Foundation, you can learn more here.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us!

The Vitamin A Team


Surfrider Beach Clean Up