Meet Our Muses

Meet Our Muses

The colorful beaches, people, streets, + details of Cuba made for the ideal backdrop to shoot our newest collection. With pieces inspired by elements of the island, each design looked right at home. Our gorgeous models, Alicia and Chelsey, were captured by Cameron Hammond looking every bit the Cuban dream. We caught up with both girls to ask about their trip + see if we could steal any travel tips from them. So, get to know these two well-traveled models as they share their best suggestions of what to wear, see, eat + more.

Where is home?
ALICIA: I’m from Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. I lived on this beautiful island for 17 years and then moved out for work.
CHELSEA: At the moment New York City is my home, but my real home is wherever my family is (Holland, Amsterdam).

On a day off, what are you currently binging on Netflix?
ALICIA: I’m actually watching Breaking Bad and I love it.
CHELSEA: I love drama and comedies. I also just finished Gossip Girl since I've never seen it before (I know im LATE with that). I loved it!

Places you’ve visited this past year.
ALICIA: I had the chance to visit a few lovely islands in the Caribbean like the Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. I also went to “the hot” American places like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Europe for work... Germany, Paris, London, Sweden. And had the best time ever in Cape Town, South Africa.
CHELSEA: Oh, I have to think about this and I hope I don’t forget something! Ibiza, Paris, Los Angeles, Mexico, Sweden, Barcelona, Madrid, Italy, Cuba (of course).

Did you bring anything home from Cuba?
ALICIA: Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring anything back home from Cuba because of customs in the USA but I still have the best memories ever and the most important, the pictures.
CHELSEA: Yes I brought cigars home, I actually gave it away as presents for a close friend of mine and for a family member. They loved it!

Favorite local Cuban flavor?
ALICIA: The food was just amazing in Cuba. I can still taste the plantains, fried fish and shrimps.
CHELSEA: I loved the Ropa Vieja (stewed shredded beef cooked in fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic and wine).

Best activity when the sun is out?
ALICIA: My favorite activity is going to the beach or just chilling in Central Park with my friends.
CHELSEA: Being on the beach, with amazing food and drinks and do absolutely nothing except for a dive in the ocean.

Top 3 from the new collection…
ALICIA: My top 3 favorites from the new collection is the Cuba Libre print because of the flowers and colors and also the Demi Bodysuit because it’s sexy. Also I love pink and the long blue and white beach tunic really comfortable and sexy .
CHELSEA: I love the Selma Kaftan as a coverup over your bikini. I have this one myself in white! I get so many compliments. I also love the Lili Bodysuit in U Taupia EcoLux. I think this color is so elegant and beautiful and the fit and fabric of the bodysuit is just perfect. I find the fit of bikini bottoms very important, I like a mix of a brazillian and a normal fit and I like to pull my bottom up a bit higher so for me the Bonita bottom Is the perfect fit for me.

A personal picture (or two) on your phone from the trip:

If you went back to Cuba where would your first stop be?
ALICIA: Varadero with the amazing beaches and most important the restaurants for the plantains and fried fish!
CHELSEA: To visit the amazing tour guide Cesar who helped us during the shoot, for a coffee and go from there…

Best memory from the trip.
ALICIA: My best memory from the trip was the crazy car wash for the shoot! Everything was just so cool the tiny old streets, the vintage cars, all the people watching and didn’t mind being in the picture, and the feeling of being in a movie, washing a cool car in a bikini in Cuba. How cool is that!

CHELSEA: For me that would be the carwash. We parked the most beautiful authentic car in the middle of a small street and washed it in our bikinis, while almost 30 local people were standing around us watching us and cheering and laughing! I also loved my part on the bike, where I had to bike around on a beautiful bike filled with fresh flowers, it felt natural to me because I’m from Holland and we bike around all the time! Before that, I had to light up a cigar to two beautiful local women in the streets, which was also a very special moment to me! This shoot has been the most beautiful shoot to me in my career so I can’t choose!!