Locals Only: Anne Lauer

Meet Mallorca local and our newest muse, Anne Lauer. Read on to learn about her nature-filled village life in Mallorca, beach day must-haves, and how she lives mindfully.


VA: Tell us a bit about yourself and what it’s like to live in the Mediterranean!

AL: I’m originally from the Cayman Islands but moved to Mallorca a few years ago now! I love living here not only for the natural beauty of the island but also the rich culture and vibrant community. It's so easy to connect with incredible people doing wonderful things. We live in a small village at the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains, there are beautiful hikes and nature all around and the people in the village are just the kindest. 

VA: If you could describe the perfect day in Mallorca, what would it be?

AL: A slow morning sat outside in the garden with coffee, then heading to the local market and picking up some seasonal produce for the day, next up headed to the beach to spend the day at a quiet Cala, going for swims, reading and spending time in the sunshine!


VA: What sustainability bill or initiative has Mallorca implemented that you are most excited about?

AL: One of the coolest initiatives was the ban of single-use plastics which is being implemented, no plastic glasses, plates, trays, cutlery etc are meant to be sold on the islands. One other strategy is to make the island a year-round destination, tourists are desperately urged to visit in the off season to reduce the tremendous strain on the natural environment but also local businesses in the summer months. There were over 11 million tourists on the tiny island last year alone.

VA: What’s your favorite way to get involved with your community?

AL: I’m always keeping an eye out for local events and gatherings, Spain loves an excuse for a festival or party and it seems like there’s one almost every month! The towns come alive and everyone gathers out onto the streets, its magic.


VA: How do you make sustainability part of your life/day to day?

AL: This is so important to me, I’m nowhere near perfect but I truly believe this is a lifestyle that can be incorporated into every aspect of our lives. I try to shop second hand first, before looking for something new, then with sustainable retailers and slow fashion, I buy food from local markets as much as possible (and produce from Spanish farmers only), we take water from our well, I try to support local initiatives and artisans as much as I can and we try to keep our consumption low where possible. Also keeping friends with the same interests inspires you and introduces you to new ideas!


"I buy food from local markets, we take water from our well, I try to support local initiatives and artisans as much as I can + we try to keep our consumption low where possible."



VA: What are your beach day must haves / what's in your beach bag?

AL: My Vitamin A swim of course ;) but also always a good book (I’m a sucker for a good romance novel), my analog camera & snacks, maybe some sardines (it’s super typical here!)


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