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Muse BodySculpt: Celebrate Her

Allow us to introduce you to the amazing women behind our Muse BodySculpt campaign. These women will have you feeling empowered, beautiful + inspired (and they look good doing it). To us, there’s something undeniably sexy about a strong, passionate woman and each of our Muses are passionate about all the right things. Who better to celebrate today than women with passion, drive, and heart? Time to meet our 6 new best friends.



Soma Sharan, 25

Los Angeles, California | @soma_mia

Soma was raised in an orphanage for abandoned children founded by her father in India. Inevitably, she is inspired by acts of selflessness. Through her work at a nonprofit, the Sri Ram Foundation, she is able to live this out as she helps others in less fortunate situations than herself. She wants to encourage young girls to stand their ground and love themselves, no matter what others may say about them. While the journey to acceptance and equality may not always be easy, it is worth the fight. Soma has fought hard and as a result, not only is her strength evident, but she is unstoppable.


Real-life women who inspire you?

My moms (yes, multiple). Two of them who have raised me since I was a baby, moved to India from California and volunteer 10 months out of the year helping raise the children at the orphanage. The have been doing this for the last 25+ years.

The other two helped raise me once I moved to America in middle school. They inspire me because they had no obligation to raise me. Yet, each and everyone one of them has gone above the call and duty and filled the void I always had of not knowing my biological mother. They are strong, independent, hardworking and selfless women, and I just hope I can be an ounce of the inspiring women they are.

How do you define sexy?

Sexy is being confident, kind and vulnerable. Confident when the world is constantly telling you you’re not good enough and standing your ground, loving yourself. Kind in a society that teaches women to compare and tear each other down, instead being sexy is uplifting other women. Vulnerable and allowing yourself to be true to who you are and letting the world see you as that. These three traits define “sexy” for me.

Last time you felt like a badass?

When I helped take care of one of my moms who just passed away from cancer last week.

I had the privilege to spend three days with her, providing her 24/7 care. She taught me so much patience, selflessness and gratitude. I feel so fortunate that I was able to pay her back in some small way by taking care of her. In a strange way, this made me feel so confident in my ability to take on her teachings and do what I needed to do in order to provide her the best care that she whole heartedly deserved.

Last thing to make you laugh?

My sister from the orphanage who also lives in California. We never stop laughing. We’ll text and call each other all day about nonsensical things. Her laughter is contagious. She is the light of my life.






Karen Lopez, 22

Anitoch, California | @_kl0_

Karen is an advocate of self-love and body confidence. She feels her best when she is taking care of herself, focusing on the positives, and embracing her own unique beauty. Her morning begins with positive affirmations, and her day is filled with DIY face masks, herbal remedies, and choosing to show herself extra love and care. Karen is a firm believer that as women, one of the sexiest things we can do is believe in ourselves and empower other women to do the same. A positive outlook that’s contagious, what could be sexier than that?


Real-life women who inspire you?

My mom and my boyfriend’s mom who is like a second mother to me. These two women are powerhouses of unconditional love. Both have been a part of my journey for so long and have showered me in encouragement and support. They continue to inspire me every day and are part of the reason I choose to have a positive outlook on everything and practice my own self love and care. There is so much to say, but I’m so blessed and grateful for you, mom and for you, Karen (we have the same name how cool is that?!).

Last time you felt like a badass?

I feel like a bad ass every time I make a real effort to improve. The feeling I did this “just for me” gives me a rush and makes me proud of myself. One thing I will NEVER forget, is applying to be a MUSE. It was the single most “out of the box” badass thing I have ever done. If someone told me I would have gone out of my comfort zone to do this just 2 months ago, I would have never believed them. I’m still emotional, and awe of this experience. I am so proud and am still in shock that I’ve come this far and am still ever growing and changing. Thank you, Vitamin A, for making me forever feel like a bad ass.



If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

If I could change one thing in the world, it would have to be our waste in all forms that negatively impacts our environment. From the animals to our oceans, to countries where waste affects the air people breathe, and water they drink-being able to change how waste is managed, and what one can do to help would benefit future generations to come! I'm actually taking part in the hashtag #FuturisticFebruary, where you collect all of your own waste in the month of February-even recyclables, and by the end of the month you are able to really visualize and comprehend the amount of waste you produce by multiplying what you see by 12 months. Participating in a movement like this one is huge, and I'm personally trying to work on the waste I produce and am looking into the zero-waste life style even more. I can't ever imagine not being able to have clean water, or to not get sick when eating food because of the waste that contaminates it. It's heartbreaking to know how much waste really affects all aspect of our lives... and if I could change how waste is managed in the world, I definitely would. After all, we only have one life to live, and one planet to live on!




Madison Alexandra Greer, 27

Los Angeles, California | @madisonxalexandra

Madison is an actual warrior. She was a weapons specialist in Martial Arts, talented musician, and works as a college admissions essay tutor. She is inspired by both the strength, and vulnerability, of the female warrior. Madison has spent years building a body that makes her feel strong, confident, and beautiful. Being with her you can feel the strength and confidence she carries within herself. She believes it’s important to remind those around her that it is the process of becoming, versus simply achieving, that leads to the most rewarding experiences. Madison is open and real, two things we love to see in a woman.

Real-life women who inspire you?

I am consistently inspired by my friend, Amanda Nguyen, who is the founder and CEO of Rise, an organization that created the Sexual Assault Survivors' Rights Act. Through her passion, this bill became one of 23 to pass unanimously in Congress, uniting the parties. The law gives federal rights to sexual assault and rape victims and has affected 25 million rape survivors thus far.

How do you define sexy?

I think sexiness comes from the process of getting to know who you are, what you like, and what makes you feel irresistible. Sexy, to me, therefore means time spent celebrating yourself in your individuality - your figure, your personality, your idea of what makes you alluring. I don't think sexiness looks like one thing...I think sexiness is emitted by someone who KNOWS that they are sexy, and that knowledge comes from exploring yourself and accentuating the things that make you feel like fire.

Last time you felt like a badass?

Every. Single. Day. Self-confidence is a lifestyle.


If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

As a college admissions essay tutor, I have worked with a lot of middle and high-schoolers, and I have witnessed that there is a rampant "race to achieve" culture among the youth that gets more intense every year. If I could change anything, I would get rid of this culture. So many young kids are pushing themselves so hard to "beef up" their resumes with hundreds of hours of extracurricular activities and after-school clubs in order to beat out their peers for upper-tier colleges.

However, when I ask these kids WHY they did an activity or WHY they joined these clubs, their only answer is "because it looks good on my resume." I've seen this mindset lead to chronic fatigue among 13-17 year olds, clinical depression, and even early suicidal indicators. I want kids to understand that their goal should not be to ACHIEVE just for the sake of achievement; their goal should be to BECOME, exploring their passions and growing in those passions at a pace that suits them as an individual. Children who are encouraged to learn who they are and to develop what makes them unique rather than pushed beyond their limits to fit a mold will have a healthier sense of self and a more rewarding educational experience.



Jamie Inn, 38

San Diego, California | @good_vibes_soul

The beauty of mother nature leaves Jamie with a cleansed mind and full heart. Just as nature experiences cycles of change and growth, Jamie knows that in order to experience balance and harmony within, she must let go of those things no longer serving her to press into what is next. She wants to inspire women of all ages to love themselves, reminding all of us that when we stop comparing and learn to love and value who we are, we will feel the happiest. Jamie believes that beauty comes from a compassionate soul, someone who sees beyond their own needs to help others and to help our earth. Jamie embodies this beauty daily.


Real-life women who inspire you?

I am particularly moved by Gloria Steinem and her work defying gender roles, promoting equality and non-violent conflict resolution. Gloria is a rebel with a cause and it's amazing to think that the issues she and her peers brought to the surface in the 60s are some of the same issue we continue to face today-but we are making progress, and we owe that to the brave women who blazed the trail before us.

Michelle Obama. She is the living, breathing definition of passion, strength, compassion and grace. The Let's Move campaign she led to fight the challenges behind childhood obesity not only included education on the benefits of physical activity, but also on proper nutrition and encouraged schools to start their own organic gardens.

My boss, Erica Opstad, I think of her as my life and career mentor. Her nickname is Wonder Woman because she has the strength, courage, wit and compassion to do it all! She is a respected leader in our company, a dedicated wife and mother, and no matter how many hours she puts in at the office, she still manages to serve nonprofit boards, find time for happy hours with friends, sailing her boat, creating costumes for Halloween and Comic Con and taking her son to Legoland. There is nothing she can't do!



How do you define sexy?

Sexy is a state of being and it starts with self-love. When we love ourselves unconditionally, embrace the way we were uniquely designed, and honor the path that has brought us to the present moment, our inner light shines undeniably bright and our energy is magnetic. This self-love brings confidence, a pep in your step, twinkle in your eyes and grace in your smile, and THAT is sexy!

Last time you felt like a badass? ​

Every day I'm at the gym lifting weights I feel like a bad ass! I'm not afraid to lift heavier weights and find reward in both the challenge and improvement. I feel strong and I know this has helped boost my confidence as well as promote positive body image. I don't go to the gym for validation from anyone-I'm competing against myself to get better every day. In a way I feel I too am helping to defy gender roles and can prove that women are strong too, mentally and physically!

Last thing to make you laugh?

Have you ever seen a team of baby elephants play soccer? This scene from the Netflix documentary Born to be Wild made me laugh with joy--I just watched it this week. It's a documentary about two dedicated animal preservationists, the ongoing challenges they face and the ultimate reward in their work. This documentary is a must see!


Maddy Washburn, 25

Long Beach, California | @mmaaddzz

Maddy runs her own digital agency and is constantly inspired by other women succeeding in business. As a licensed drone pilot, she is a female minority in a male-dominated field and while she often receives negative comments from men she flies with, she continues doing what she loves. Maddy is someone who is fighting to change society’s view on women in a professional setting and also in the beauty industry. Defining sexy as an inner confidence, not influenced by the photoshopped images on social media, her hope is to empower all women to feel sexy in their own bodies. Mission accomplished, Maddy.

Real-life women who inspire you?

I love following @paytonsartain because she's such a badass blogger who always tells it how it is, whether that's the real life behind blogging or even living with acne and anxiety. It's refreshing to see someone who posts not only the seemingly perfect parts of her day but also the low points too for her followers to see!

Last time you felt like a badass?

I love this question! It actually happened last weekend - I was giving my first ever drone lesson to a woman from Burbank and a guy saw us flying my drone and said, "wow you don't see a lot of girls flying those things." That made me feel pretty badass because we were proving him wrong.


Last thing to make you laugh?

I watch The Office probably 3-4 nights a week before I fall asleep and it never fails to make me laugh! I could watch that show every day and never get tired of it ha!

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

I think the recent #MeToo movement has opened my eyes to just how much sexism and misogyny is still left in the world and it really saddens me. One of my jobs is a fully licensed drone pilot, which only has about 5% of females in the industry. Almost every time I go out and fly, there's men making comments about how they're "surprised to see me flying it" and how "women don't like drones as much as men". I really wish we could change this line of thinking and for men and women to be seen more as equals in both professional settings and in life.


Sheridan Dyches, 22
Laguna Niguel, California | @sheridandyches
As a photographer who loves to travel, Sheridan finds inspiration in the diversity of the places and people she visits. Her mission is to think globally. She does this by accepting all people and through her dedication to live a vegan, waste-free lifestyle. Raising awareness about the environment and how to care for it is a daily task of hers. Sheridan noticed that while the modeling industry has become more size inclusive, she still has yet to see many models with her body type. Not able to fit into the industry’s boxes of athletic, skinny, or curvy, she is excited to represent the somewhere in between body. And she looks sexy doing it.


Real-life women who inspire you?

Examples of real-life women who inspire me would be the YouTubers Cami Petyn (Supreme Banana) and Ellen Fisher. Not only do they inspire me through veganism, but also compassion and to enjoy life to the fullest while having fun. Their genuine spirits radiate through my screen and make me want to be the best, authentic version of myself.

How do you define sexy?

I define sexy as confidence. Sexy isn’t a physical trait, it’s a inner glow you have when you truly love yourself and accept yourself. Anyone and everyone can be sexy!

Last time you felt like a badass?

Last time I felt like a bad ass was when my career starting to take off in multiple forms. Being able to be creative and call it my job makes me so proud.

What else inspires you?

Traveling, art, and meeting people inspire me to learn more about the world and the people on it. I started doing photography in high school and mainly fell in love portraits and fashion. Meeting new people and seeing the beauty in diversity inspires me to love myself and have a more worldly view.