Behind The Lens

Jennifer Stenglein

Photographer Jennifer Stenglein

Jennifer Stenglein works magic behind the camera. For nearly 20 years she has been drawn to capturing humanity in its playful, rebellious forms. Spend some time scrolling through the firey images of her Instagram and you’ll see what we’re talking about. We love working with talented, passionate women (who also know how to have a good time), making Jen the perfect photographer for our Mallorca Muse campaign. As we traveled together on the island of Mallorca, Jen was able to visually tell the story of our time there. Each experience and setting captured by her in a graceful display of light and color. Because we think everyone should get to know Jen, we asked this Byron Bay native for some of her trip highlights, behind the scenes photos, and a peek into her impressive career. Her answers are as honest and witty as she is. Enjoy!
Where is home?
Bryon Bay, Australia.
First time you knew that photography was what you wanted to do?

When I shot 17 of my girlfriends one Sunday morning in their underwear on the beach in Perth. I was 16 years old and people still, some 19 years later, tell me they remember seeing me on the beach that day.

Do you take a lot of photos on an average day when you aren't working?
Lately no, generally yes.
Favorite moments to capture?

Honest portraits and true love between humans.

Time of day you're most creative?

Very late at night or very early morning.

Favorite image from Mallorca?

Hard to narrow down to just one. The whole trip was so beautiful. Perhaps the series of images from the second morning of the campaign in Deia, I loved that morning...

Words of wisdom to your younger self?

You can’t always get what you want and if you try sometimes you find you get what you need…

Do you have any other creative outlets?

Live music!

Favorite piece from the Summer '19 collection?

Hands down the stripe sailor high waisted bikini bottoms and white bikini top, so fresh and so chic.


Drink of choice?

Dirty Martini or a cuppa tea. Not in the same sitting.

What does a day off look like for you?

Stroll on the beach, a swim, a chat to mum and spending time with friends.

Last selfie you took?

Last night at the airport.

Three favorite moments from Mallorca?

Ha, I think it’s more like 300.

1. Amahlia floating in the sea while we were enjoying a glass of local rose at that stunning little restaurant in Deia. I remember enjoying seeing her blissfully a part of the landscape.

2. The little girls who were fishing at the rocks admiring Neus in awe of her wild beauty and staring at her body without any inhibitions what so ever. It was really sweet.

3. The local old Spanish men drinking coffee one morning, flirting with the day and my lack of Spanish.

Something you want to give to the world?

... timeless images and pure magic…

Photography: Jennifer Stenglein
Muse: Neus Bermejo
Mallorca, Spain