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Before Vitamin A, Amahlia worked on a design project with Patagonia founder and environmentalist Yvon Chouinard whose company’s use of recycled plastic bottles in their technical fabrics inspired her to attempt something similar same in the swimwear space.

However, when Amahlia began to research the options, she was told by fabric suppliers that there was “no market” for swimwear made from recycled fibers — so she decided to design the fabric herself, working with the top mills in Italy, Canada and California to create EcoLux™ — the first premium swim fabric made from recycled nylon fibers.

Since then, the company has incorporated several more sustainable high-performance fabrics along with eco-conscious textiles like organic cotton, linen, recycled cotton and Tencel®. All materials are certified to meet the global Oeko-Tex standard for safe textiles.


Our Products

A superfine matte jersey with a silken texture that fits like a second skin, EcoLux is made from recycled nylon fibers. Compared with conventional fibers, its production emits fewer greenhouse gases and conserves water and energy in the process.

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A super-soft, lightweight knit that blends recycled cotton and Tencel®, a wood pulp textile made in a non-polluting closed-loop manufacturing process. Made locally in California.

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Considered one of the most eco-friendly natural fabrics, linen is biodegradable, recyclable and typically requires less water and energy in its production. Our linen is made from the whole flax plant, leaving no waste. It is richly-textured and cooling to the skin.

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A sexy, stretch-ribbed swim fabric made from nylon fiber scraps (knitted as standard polyamide from oil), otherwise destined for the landfill, this lightweight and breathable textile is crafted by a mechanical regeneration system that uses no chemical materials. Its production saves .63 liters of oil and 33 liters of water per meter of fabric. Made locally in California.

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Our exclusive “touch me,” ribbed fabric is made from plant-based raw material sourced from the castor bean. It uses a production process that lowers energy consumption by 20% (saving 98 kilowatts of energy and 19 kilograms of CO2 for every 1000 meters of fabric) while the production of its yarn saves 25 liters of oil for each kilogram of fabric. Made locally in California, with quick-dry + thermoregulation technology.

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These sleek swim fabrics are made with actual discarded plastic drink bottles, which are broken down and spun into textile fiber instead of going to a landfill.

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Wear More, Wash Less

When cared for properly, Vitamin A swimwear will last for years. We recommend a gentle, low-impact approach. Unfortunately, when you wash anything made from synthetics (even if its recycled) it sheds microfibers that can be pollutants if they wind up in the ocean. Here are some environmentally-conscious tips on how to care for your swimwear:

  • - Hand rinse in cold water to shed fewer microfibers.
  • - Use an all-natural biodegradable soap, such as Dr. Bronners, to spot-clean only necessary areas (it’s much better for your bikini and the environment than chemical-packed detergents or bleach).
  • - Use a GUPPYFRIEND to catch the microfibers when you wash.
  • - Skip the dryer (and the green house gas emissions) and lay flat in the shade to dry.
  • - Make sure to cold rinse your swimsuit after each wear, even if you don’t go in the water.